04 | 12 | 2023
About the company Tisk


  • construction of lifting devices (2-5 t) for car repair services and tyre services;
  • punching, stamping, cutting, shearing, pressing and welding of steel sheets, closed and open profiles (thin-walled steel sections) and tubes
  • construction of single-purpose machines (vacuum presses, automatic milling machines, trimming machines, lifting platforms, further equipment) and fixtures, locksmith´s products
  • handling fixtures for building iron (carriers of rods, rolls, nets and sheets);



  • stack heels for palettes, various clips, holders from steel wire etc.
  • anchor elements, clevises, hooks, cores, connecting pieces for boarding etc.
  • impresses into thin-walled (up to 2 mm) sheet – stainless steel with a surface 1500x700 mm
  • suitable for small and medium series of products;
  • of widely assorted shapes and thickness,
  • for various fields of industrial activity (mechanical engineering, building industry, food industry and other).


  • mechanical and hydraulic presses of discharge up to 100 t, respectively up to 600 t  for large-area low pressings (upstroke up to 15 mm)
  • basic machining equipment
  • oxygen cutting up to thickness of 100 mm
  • carbon dioxide (CO2) welding, pulse welding, TIG welding with non-consumable electrode (stainless steel)
  • our own production of  tools and fixtures


Classification of production:
metal presswork pumping equipment, hydraulic means 
machine tools and tooling welding equipment 
single-purpose machines special machine tools

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